Man is a being of extraordinary dignity specially created by God. Nothing in creation is more beautiful than a person shining with godly virtue because the first man was made in the image of God and was perfect. God is the creator,the great planner and leader of the universe and want men to be a leader as HE is. The man God is proud of is a leader with purpose at home because Men have been given the role of spiritual leader the household. It is the man’s responsibility to lead his family in spiritual matters and should have courage.

TYPES OF COURAGE; 1. Physical courage which is the ability to withstand physical pain,hardship and life challenges 2. Moral courage which is the ability to act rightly in the face of life mountain A man God is proud of is he who understands his mandate for dominion, He must first take lead in spiritual things before the natural things because that is God’s order. A man God is proud of is he who treat his wife with love that professes and mimicks Christ love for the church, treating them with purity,understanding,dignity and honour,awareness of their giftedness,submission A man God is proud of is he who possesses God’s kind of Leader ,taking responsibilities,showing sense of duty,honesty to God,family and church,not pretending,having purpose A man God is proud of is he who is not scared in the things of God , making committments to the service of God. A man God is proud of is he who prepares himself mentally,emotionally and spiritually to take up responsibilities within your circle . A man God is proud of is he who as the basic christain leadership styles,visionary,has values,understand themselves,team manager,encourage others,support othersrisk takers,recognises opportunities,develops knowlege and weighing decisions. A man God want is he who has received an identity to live in Dominion and Joy. Live with purpose.