The Appointed Time

THE APPOINTED TIME An understanding of God’s time schedule puts you in the centre of God’s programme. Every vision from…


An understanding of God’s time schedule puts you in the centre of God’s programme. Every vision from God has the appointed time which is a divine one. The time you receive a call may not necessarily be the time for its take off. Habakkuk 2:3 says: For the vision is yet for an appointed time… the vision is yet for an appointed time. The word yet means the vision is not for now.

All visions have their appointed time. The timing is determined by God and God alone. God’s time is the time of safety. God’s time is the time for miraculous (divine) provisions. God’s time is the time when God He by Himself will go ahead of you and make the crooked way straight. The understanding of this time schedule is a sign of maturity. When the understanding comes, caution is exercised, and a lot of sweat is avoided. Maturity calls for working in the centre of God’s programme for your life, according to His timing.

John the Baptist has to remain in the desert until the time of his showing to Israel. Luke 1:80 And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the desert till the day of his shewing unto Israel. If he had stepped out, he would have wrecked his mission. Jesus spent 30 years at the carpenters shed. The Son of God was carrying wood and mending broken tables and chairs for 30 years! He knew who He was right from the beginning. He knew His mission. He voiced it out at the age of 12. …Wist ye not that I must be about my father’s business                   Luke 2:49

But He waited for His appointed time. He heard John preaching the gospel of repentance, but He didn’t rush out to start off His ministry. He exercised caution. He waited. He humbled Himself, then the heavens opened. The beginning of His ministry was declared and He came to cana in Galilee. The wine ran out at the marriage feast and Mary, His mother, asked Him to intervene. He made a statement that everyone should bear in mind. He said Woman, what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come  John 2:4

BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO of the Living Faith Church Worldwide narrated his experience After the Lord called me into ministry, I didn’t step out for months. A time came when I began to sense it was time to step out. I decided to go to God, hoping to hear His marching order. I can be very slow, but when I get it, that ends it. I shout out like a rocket! I separated myself to ask for His timing. I called upon Him in prayer. When I opened my eyes after hours of praying, I saw a bright light in the room. It was as if heaven’s musical gadgets were turned on to release heaven’s music.

The sound I heard which flooded the room was, “Be in time, be in time.” This brought tears to my eyes and I found myself weeping. God had sounded it. The time was ripe. Everything was set. I left there with a commissioning programme set in my mind. I knew who was to do the sending forth. It was a pastor I had never met in my life. I got the name of his ministry and his address and wrote to him. He wrote back begging to be excused because he had other engagements lined up in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on the same day as my commissioning date.

Unperturbed, I wrote back, telling him that the Lord said that his Port Harcourt meeting was his own personal meeting, but that my commissioning ceremony was the Lord’s. I had just sent the letter when I received another from him saying that the Lord had instructed him to put off Port Harcourt meeting to be at the commissioning, but the Lord had his way.

Every phase in ministry has its timing. If you miss out on the timing, you miss out on God. And when God is not with you, sweat results. It appears as if you were not called by God. God is very particular about your working in His schedule. The vision is yet for an appointed time and all times are appointed by God. When God speaks, the anointing for breakthrough follows. He concluded by saying “Without sweat, we found a suitable location a suitable location for the church and offices. We also got residential houses nearby for the pastor and other staff, all at giveaway prices.”

If you are not sure of God’s timing, ask Him and He will tell you. Not being obedient to God’s timing may put a seal upon your doom. Avoid haste. Listen for God’s marching orders, adhere strictly to them and you will proper.

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