The Appointed Place

THE APPOINTED PLACE Every vision given by God carries a divine commission and there is a physical location where that…


Every vision given by God carries a divine commission and there is a physical location where that commission can be carried out. The appointed place is the divine place for commissioning, but before you would get the appointed place, you need to know the appointed time. Every commission has a location, a base from which its affairs are run.

It is true that God is the God of the whole earth, but there is apportion of the earth He has set aside for you. God’s miracle, supplies and encounters will only meet you when you are in His chosen location. Every commission has a base, and until you locate your base you will continue to struggle. Always get your location from God or you will continue to wallow in sweat and poverty.

Know that God always thinks good of you. Where He sends you must be considered as the best place for you. He must have seen a need there for which He has equipped you meet. God is concerned about location. That is why when you analyze your vision, you must take not of the subject of location. This is one of the things you must be very precise about in detailing out your vision. Get the precise location for your vision from. Covenant walk always has a divinely appointed place. Read God’s appointed time

The rate of success in any location is determined by the degree of location precision. When God sends you to any location, He goes before you to straighten out all the crooked places. Isaiah 45:2 says I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gate of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron. He makes His supplies and provision ready for you. He prepares the people to receive you. In a location where others have failed and are withdrawing, you come out with resounding success. Related Post A place of Planning

When God strikes a covenant, it has a particular location where it will work; so get up, leave your people and go on to the land “I will show you.” When you go to the land appointed by God, your success is guaranteed, your protection is sealed, because that is where the angels of god will ascend and descend, attending to you. When God calls you to pioneer a work, He will also give you a location.

Your location is very important, in business, career, even in your family life, God wants you to live at a particular location. Your business is to be established at a location guided by God. So get it from God and get results when you are in proper location. Before you move, understand where you are heading to. Don’t let pride decide your location. If it is, you will end up in a pit. Let your location be by God’s direction alone, and your satisfaction, upliftment and future will be guaranteed.

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