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Vision is not a dream, but vision for your life is God’s plan for you,the subject vision is a most crucial one of successful living. introduction to vision is to enlighten believer on the truth about vision. vision is the ability to have a pre-knowledge of an upcoming event.

when God created man, He has a reason for it and had an assignment for him to carry out. vision is given by God . vision can be oral, pictorial, or both. Either way, it is a spiritual language through which God transmits His plan to chosen vessels.

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introduction to vision God will always call you in your weakness so that you can depend on His strength for His assignment. God calls you in you weakness so you can get to know Him and rely solely on Him.

introduction to vision

All over the world , an increasing number of people are coming up with one vision or the other. Some are genuine, others need to be passed more closely under God’s light; others need to be dumped into the trashcan. As you read on, the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to know where your vision belongs, as you grasp a better understanding of visions for effectual implementation.

CREATED TO COUNT Created to count is the plan of God for you. the Bible say“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” Ephesian 2:10. You are created to count, that is God decision when he created man in the […]

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THE PURSUIT OF YOUR SELF-DISCOVERY When you discover yourself, and while self-discovery is important, you must understand the the pursuit of your discovery is what brings fulfillment. What you have discovered remains useless, until it is pursed and fulfilled. What you have discovered remains useless, until it is pursed and fulfilled. So, what you discover […]

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HOW TO SECURE A VISION            Vision gives direction to life. God’s path for you is in the direction He gives you. Securing a vision, without vision you cannot get your bearing right; so, get your vision, locate your place in God and let the light of God shine on your path. How to secure […]

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THE GOD APPOINTED VISION The prize for every high calling of God is a crown and this crown is enthronement. The God appointed vision is a genuine vision from God that leads to enthronement. You therefore owe yourself the responsibility of ascertaining the genuineness of your vision before launching out in pursuit. You must define […]

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Discovering yourself How to discover yourself It’s a while a posted, sorry guys,I was very busy. But let go into the mean reason for today’s post. It is very important to know who you are, for you to really discover who you are, you must be able to answer three crucial questions. But before I […]

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