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A vision that is not proved is not a vision to be pursued, proving the vision you received in your business, career, marriage, ministry, and any area of your life is paramount. A word not tested is not a word to be relied upon. Your success in life depends on how well you keep to this path. When you stay away from the path of God, you are always to be blame.

God holds you responsible. The devil may have beguiled you. You have authority over all external influences. The devil beguiled Eve through his subtlety, but Eve was punished. This calls for caution in our eagerness to hear words or revelation from people. Many believers have been lured away from their calling all because they received a word from someone. Before you start running with a vision, before you start running with any word you receive, subject it to an examination. Check out on its accuracy

The word of God can be tried not once, twice, but seven times. Psalm 12:6 The word of the Lord are pure words; as silver tried in a furnace of the earth, purified seven times. If the word of God can be subjected to testing, then every vision or revelation must be properly scrutinized. God has sounded the instruction: There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof are ways of death.

The Tool For Proving Vision

God’s word is the only authentic tool for proving a vision. When you receive a vision, illuminate your spirit in God’s word for a backing, before you step out. By doing so, you have the double assurance that it is from God, because God will only back up what He says. Before pursuing any revelation, first get into the word of God for proofs. Compare scripture with scripture and unravel the truth behind the vision.

Identifying The Personality Behind The Voice.

Not all voices are the God’s voice. There is authentic voice of God, there is the voice of your spirit- man, and there is the voice of devil. Only one of them is reliable and dependable, and that is the voice of God. The voice of your spirit-man is not absolutely reliable. It may be biased because it might have some element of carnality in it. You might be able to detect the devil’s voice easily, but your own voice is not that easily exposed. Why? The ways of a man always seem right in his own eyes.

Ascertain The Content Of Your Vision

The content of every vision has to be ascertained. Get a good understanding of the content of your vision before you start to run with it. His assurance and further revelation will give you the courage to run with effectiveness. Commit your vision and revelation to God in prayer. The prayer force involved to God in prayer of commitment. Psalm 37:5 says Commit the way unto the LORD, trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

In bishop david oyedepo’s encounter he said. . .”A time came when we were to set up the operations headquarters of the ministry LIVING FAITH CHURCH WORLDWIDE, Ilorin looked very attractive. As far as I was concerned, it was the ideal spot. My wife (Pastor Faith Oyedepo) and I, however, committed the matter to God. We threw it open to him, ready to obey whatever he would say. And the Lord spoke, He said, “Arise, go to Damascus.” The Lord made it plain that Damascus stood for Kaduna-city of percsecution. Coming here, therefore, to witness persecution of the Christians was no news to me. I was well acquainted with my role in it. No force on earth could stop me from playing my part because this was what I was anointed for. God’s voice helps you to operate under an extraordinary confidence.Image result for proving the vision from God pix

God’s voice offers strength and His strength leads to exploits.


There are, however, certain things you should guard against:

Fleeces: fleeces is saying something like: “Father, if I go to see my pastor and the first thing he tells me is “Jesus loves you”, then I know you have called me to work under him.” The word of God says that as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Not as many as are led by fleeces.

People’s confirmation: God can use people to help you but a lot of them will end up leading you to confusion. Look unto God alone, and He verify your vision for you. Beloved, look up to God and hear his voice. He alone is able to lead you in the path He has chosen for you.

The Acid Test For A Genuine Vision

proving the vision Peace:        Peace is the proof of a genuine vision! When God, the good shepherd leads, He always leads beside the still waters. Still waters connote peace and rest. Whenever the peace of God eludes a believer in the pursuit of a “purported” vision, there is need to check it. This is the truth: Until you are at REST, God cannot be at work. If you must see God at work, then you have to be at rest. This is the secret behind the peace that attends all heaven-borne visions. With peace in your heart, triumph in your pursuit is guaranteed.