knowing your place in God
You need a purpose to know who you are


Its very unfortunate that christians still find it difficult to answer the question “Do you know your place in God” some may reply as; “am a born again christian”  well its true, many will answer “I pray and God answers” .. most fortunate few, replies, i’m called a minister,  i’m called to sing to honour God and man, i’m called to minister through giving, i’m called to preach the gospel to the youths, which really points out their areas of peculiarity.



Many christians are ignorant of their call. They do not know the exact place that God wants them to occupy. They just do whatever comes their way. They are confused as workers and ministers in His vineyard.
Knowing your place and purpose is very paramount to fulfilling your destiny.

RICK WARREN said in his book “THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE”; God design you to make a difference with your life, which means you are not just created, you were predestined for a purpose according to His plans.

Judges 9:8-13
talks about how some selected trees were appointed to be kings,governors,president,senator over others, rejected the offer, just because they know their place and purpose as ordained by their creator.
You are originally planned for God’s pleasure, the very moment you were born into this world through your mother,God was there as an unseen witness, He knows how and when you came to being.

Because of His love God already planned that through Jesus Christ He would make us His sons; this was His pleasure and purpose.
You really have to know your place in God for Him to reveal His plan and purpose for you. God is actually your creator, and it is only an inventor or a manufacturer or a creator that will tell the purpose of his invention.

  • In Isaiah 44:2a Thus says the Lord who made you and formed you from the womb,who will help you. He will help you decover who you are and what you need to do.

Albert Einstein says “God does not play dice”

Jeremiah 33:3 reveals the God’s mind when you are ready to ask Him- “Call upon me , I will answer you and show you great and mighty things,which you do not you”. 

God’s business is answering prays and doing miracles.
You are at the edge of knowing who you are in God as a believer.
I beseech you to go pursue your call with the mind of doing all that you were created as this perspective will reduce your stress,simplify your decision,increase your satisfaction,and,most importantly prepare you for eternity.

In my next post, i will be discussing ACCEPTING YOUR PURPOSE because for you to pursue you purpose, you must accept it. Romans 12:2-3.

God bless you.