Vision gives direction to life. God’s path for you is in the direction He gives you. Securing a vision, without vision you cannot get your bearing right; so, get your vision, locate your place in God and let the light of God shine on your path. How to secure a vision? Do visions fall down from heaven like apples from apple trees? No! Genuine visions come from God; yet, man has apart to play.

how to secure a vision

A man who seeks a vision has to stretch out his hands to God to receive it, just like the man who desires the gift of salvation has to step out and confess the Lordship of Jesus. The visionary has to step out and call on the name of the Lord. There is an asking involved, be it revelation or salvation, they only come to those who call on His name.


Realizing Your Need

What you don’t need. God cannot supply, do you want to enter into your promised land? Do you want to possess your possession? Then you need a genuine vision from God in your life, vision is the gateway to greatness in the kingdom. Vision makes a man. Let us see what happened to one of our covenant fathers.

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All his life, Jacob has been a trickster and usurper until he met with God at Bethel on his way to Laban. This was the turning point of his life. His personal encounter with usurper was gone. The trickster was buried. He made a covenant with God and a new life began. He arrived Laban’s place without a vision but had a determination to live right.

However, this was not enough. For fourteen years, he sweated and labored for the woman he loved. He was cheated and relegated to slavery. At the end of 14 years, he only has two wives and battalion of children to show for his sweat. No substance, no future.

How To Secure A Vision

Then the need arose and with it came a vision. He remembered his covenant with God. He asked and received a terrific insight into cattle rearing which he promptly put to work. He pursued it and he proposed. The scripture says in Genesis 30:43 that And the man increased exceeding, and had much cattle, and maidservants, and menservants, and camels, and asses. Vision brings about positive covenant changes in your life. See the need for it and you are prepared to receive it.

See God’s Willingness To Reveal His Plan

          God is always willing to reveal His plans. He didn’t make His plans for Himself, He made them for you and I. God has taken upon Himself the responsibility to lead you into your destiny. He is just waiting for that moment when you will step out to receive it from Him.

Seek God In Prayer

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          Prayer draws the hand of God in a situation. It is the link that connects man to the throne room of God. If you want to know the ways of God in any situation, you must pray. You must ask Him. God only reveals His plans to those who ask Him and this can only be done through prayer. This call is resounded all over the scriptures. God has been saying it, in case you have not heard, He is saying it over and over again. “Call on me, ask me” etc. So, ask and receive so that you joy may be full.

Be Watchful

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Visions are received during watchful moments, being watchful is very important if you want to receive from God: you may pray all you want, but if you are not watchful, you will miss you vision. Very often, spiritual truth is sent as tiny seeds that can be ignored if one is not watchful. So, watch and lay hold on God’s plan for your life.