“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter” Proverb 25:2

A discovery of your passion and the divine deposits in you is one of the vital requirements, if your life must count, you must discover yourself. Doubtless, God has loaded you with deposits to enable you live as a productive citizen of the earth; but to make that a reality, you need to discover them. This is because until rich deposits are discovered, there won’t be recovery of any sort.

What Is Discovery

What then, is discovery? Discovery is the art of finding out what exists, but is not yet known. To discover yourself is to have a good understanding of who you really are in God’s eyes, as well as the reason for your existence. To discover the reason for your existence is to enter your place of rest, where you can freely operate in faith to positively affect the lives of others in a distinct manner. “why self-discovery?,” you may ask. Consider these, and you will definitely be inspired:

Impact in Life Begins With Self-Discovery

No one created by God is made empty. Everyone is given potentials and divers abilities to make it possible to contribute to the advancement of mankind. But these divine abilities will remain dormant in you, except you know what you are, know that they are there and you explore them. The truth is : life is a gold mine, which has to be explored for maximum benefit.


There are hidden treasures in you which must be discovered and traded with. Jesus gave an illustration about the man that gave talents to his servants, and went to a journey. Luke 19:12-13. Every successful man in life traded with their God-given abilities. Your depth of self-discovery will determine the magnitude of success you will record, and how well your life will count. So self-discovery will help you to recover destiny, enhance your productivity, and make you stand out among others.

You Need Self-Discovery To Shine

            Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying If a man has no purpose for living, he is not fit to live. In other words, until you discover your purpose for living, you have no business being alive. God’s word say To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven   Ecclesiates 3:1 God is a God of purpose, and He created everything under the sun for a purpose. The reason for the creation of the sun, for instance, is to be a major source of light upon the earth. So, the sun rises in the east, beaming light upon the earth. In the evening, its sets in the west in fulfillment of its assignment. “ If self-discovery is so important, how do I discover myself?,” you may ask. this shall be examined briefly here.



For you to really discover who you are , you must be able to answer three crucial questions.

  • Who am I ? Knowing who you are is the foundation of a life that will count. Psalms 11:3 “ if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?. Before you can become meaningful in life, you must not see yourself in the mirrors of others. And you can only discover who you are from God’s word, “ The Manufacturer’s Manual”. The scripture will show you in details , what is in the mind of God for creating you.
  • Why Am I Here? Discovering your placement in life will help you so you don’t compete and be envious of others. You need to make the enquiry of “why am I here” from God, since you can not defend on who others say you are.
  • What Is My Assignment Here? Your primary assignment here on earth is to bless others. Whatever your vision, mission, vocation or career may be in life, if it is not blessing others, your life can’t count. If you discover your assignment and you do it to honour God and in blessing humanity, you will definitely make clear footprints on the sands of life.