Life has always been a race from one generation to another with only a few people getting to live truly fulfilled lives. Define your life through God,Many that are not so endowed simply have to keep running just to have the basic things of life. The main issue here is that while running, they have no clue about where about where they are headed. They end up getting nowhere because they are running aimlessly. Such people are lacking in goal and self-esteem. They are afraid of what people say, and what category they should belong. They often use people success to determine their life; forgetting that God has a different plan to every one of us but to define your life by God is eternal life

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When we realize that we are so different, but uniquely endowed we would strive to be the best and still wish others well. We would therefore not engage in merely wishing to be like anyone else. but yourself. To pray to be like someone else for what you consider to be their success, will be to also ask for a share of their misfortune. Indeed, every individual has trials and tribulations which they manage to keep hidden from the world.


In the beginning, when God created the first man, ADAM, He put him in the garden of Eden. The first assignment God gave man was to take charge of the Garden. To take care of the Garden, make it look more beautiful, and attractive. If God never expect man to do anything he would not have assigned Adam to maintain and keep the garden.

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God has finish His own assignment; it is left for us to make our lives better. If God wanted to create all the technology we see today, He would have created them in the Garden of Eden. But He wanted us to make use of our creative ability to perform wonders. God said in that in His word,”we are for signs and wonders”. Let me ask you as you read, what signs and wonders are you doing in your life, business, career, marriage, spiritual life, in your walk with Christ. You at your life, in what ways have your decorated and beautify your life and impacted others. How you live your life matters a lot to God. if you live your life with values and taste according to His written word in the Bible, you are glorifying His Holy Name. take your life serious and important.

God’s perspective about you is to live gloriously and to dominate the Earth, and multiply your gift and talent into others. Look into God’s word today and discover self,define your life.

JEREMIAH 33:3 says “call upon me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things thou knoweth not”


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It’s not about you. The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by God’s purpose and for His purpose. God help you to define your life.

The search for purpose of life has puzzled people for thousands of years. That’s because we ordinarily start at the wrong point-ourselves. We ask centered questions like

  • What do I want to be
  • What should I do with my life
  • What are my goals, my ambition, my dreams for my future?

But focusing on ourselves will never reveal life’s purpose. The Bible says,”it is God who directs the lives of his creatures; everyone’s life is in his power” Job 12:10.


Contrary to what you might have heard, you won’t discover your life’s meaning by looking within yourself. You’ve probably tried that already. You didn’t create yourself, so there is no way you can tell yourself what you were created for. If I handed you an invention you had never seen before, you wouldn’t know its purpose, and the invention itself wouldn’t be able to tell you either. Only the creator or the owner’s manual could reveal its purpose.And

This is not a self-help blog, it is not about finding the right career, achieving your dreams, or planning your life. It is not about how to cram more activities into an overloaded schedule. Actually, it will teach you how to do less in life-by focusing on what matters most. It is all about becoming what God created you to be.


Ephesians 1:11

“It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for; long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eyes on us,had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone”. This is the verse that we give insight into your purpose.

  1. You discover your identity and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don’t have a relationship with Christ, I will later explain how to begin one.
  2. God was thinking of you long before you ever thought about Him. His purpose for your life predates your conception. He planned it before you existed, without your input! You may choose your career, your spouse, your hobbies, and many other parts of your life, but you don’t get to choose your purpose.
  3. The purpose of your life fits into much larger, cosmic purpose that God has designed for eternity. That is what this BLOG is about.

You may have felt in the dark about your purpose in life. Congratulations, you’re about to walk into the light.