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Vision is not a dream, the subject vision is a most crucial one of successful living. introduction to vision is to enlighten believer on the truth about vision. vision is the ability to have a pre-knowledge of an upcoming event.

when God created man, He has a reason for it and had an assignment for him to carry out. vision is given by God . vision can be oral, pictorial, or both. Either way, it is a spiritual language through which God transmits His plan to chosen vessels.

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God will always call you in your weakness so that you can depend on His strength for His assignment. God calls you in you weakness so you can get to know Him and rely solely on Him.

All over the world , an increasing number of people are coming up with one vision or the other. Some are genuine, others need to be passed more closely under God’s light; others need to be dumped into the trashcan. As you read on, the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to know where your vision belongs, as you grasp a better understanding of visions for effectual implementation.

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