your journey starts from the Bible

Your journey starts from this Bible

A journey of purpose

Research has shown that average life span is 70 years, hmm that is how long one would live typically. How well have you lived with the time you have spent on planet earth, don’t you think it would be wise to make use of your remain time to fulfill, the main reason God create you?

unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless” this is a quote by Bertrand Russell, an atheist.

A journey of purpose

Why am I living? is a life most important question you should be able to answer without missing words. This blog is created to help direct you on your God given purpose,

  • The Vision all started when I began to search within me, why i should live, what purpose am to fulfill, i wasted almost 30years fulfilling people’s purpose, aiming at my selfish goals. Throughout this years, I was not fulfill, not really knowing what i want, i have no knowledge on what purpose is. This blog was born out of knowing who i am in God and knowing my purpose and direction. God gave me a vision to minister to the youths, He directed me to the youths and He said “Tell them to discover their purpose before 30years” and gave me a bible reference, on which this blog will havc its root.

    1 timothy 4:12-16.

    A journey of purpose

Having this perspective of what your purpose and vision in God is will reduce your stress, simplify your decisions and motive you to increase your desire for satisfaction, and ultimately prepare you for eternity.

God bless has you desire today to seek Him who is the create of the universal,who also gave us Our Lord Jesus Christ to redeem us from every curse of th Law and have predestined us for His use.

Please do not relength in asking questions,because God has a plan for all of us.