The word vision has been so grossly misunderstood to today both as a believer and as church that virtually every dream of the night is mistaken for a vision. On the other hand, the “spiritualist” churches use “vision” as their principal bait to secure fellowship. Every one of their “prophets” claim to see “vision” for people. Multitudes today are chasing after the shadows through their “traps”.

You are created to last forever

The question then is what is vision,? Is it what transpires in a trance or what obtains in one form of ecstasy or the other? The subject of vision is a most crucial one of successful living. The word says “where is no vision, the people perish”. If we don’t want to perish, then we must have vision. We must have God’s vision in our business, marriage, career, relationship, vocation. The word “perish” here does not mean to die physically. From the original Greek text, it means “to be stripped of honour and dignity”.

We can conclude therefore, it is the pathway to honour and dignity. Come with me through the pages in this blog as we explore this great asset.

Knowing where you are going and what to do to get there generates confidence. The confident ones are the strong ones in the kingdom. They are men of extraordinary strength, men of exploits. These are the visionaries who have sought for God and received His plans for their lives. They know where they are headed to. They know their end of this from their beginning. They have a solid grip of this end. They have a solid understanding of how to get there. Their confidence knows no barrier. They run like horse men. They leap like chariots.

You are not an accident

One word comes to mind at their appearance: warriors. Their faces are set before them, eyes are fixed on a particular target in the future. They neither turn to the right nor to the left. To them, the sword is a play thing. Pestilence does not hold them bound; their presence site confusion into the camp of the enemies. Their status changed when they hold on to it extraordinarily from God and dared to set out. They stepped out, theyes have it  in sight and God inside them. They know their vision and they know their God.

One of the most unpleasant situations witnessed in life is seeing believers not attaining their extraordinary status in Christ Jesus.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge” Hosea 4:6

I pray that the purpose of this topic will be fulfilled in your life as you read in Jesus Name. Amen.

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